• Abd Alkader Badla

    As a language teacher I must say, this course book is good, I particularly like the colorful, engaging, and cleverly used graphics and the modern topics, which deal with real, everyday life for travelers, students, visitors, and so on, Younger learners will be able to relate to these topics and older ones will learn something new. I have repeatedly used this book to teach Arabic classes and will continue to do so. The way the grammar is presented is a particularly strong point in this book.

  • Abdullah Altın

    I am a teacher who teaches Arabic to non-native speakers. I think it is one the most beautiful series that responds to student needs, giving you both language teaching and the cultural dimension of the Arab World. Thanks for the team who has published it.

  • Burcu Öztürk

    The Miftah Al-Arabiyya caught my attention with its colorful pages and beautiful design. It makes learning Arabic enjoyable with its content. It looks like world-famous language sets. I definitely recommend it for everyone who wants to learn Arabic from scratch like me.

  • Muhammed Faksh

    Muhammed faksh- Kartal school Firstly I would like to notify that I taught last year the book of Miftah al arabiyya 3 for conversation and listening skills - My students suffered a little from the speed of some listening videos it was too fast for them . - as regarding the vocabulary at the beginning of the lessons it might be useful to remove the part assigned for ( الجذر ) it can make significant confusion sometimes and replace it with an example for how to use that vocabulary specially when the word is expressing an abstract concept . - the texts in general are suitable -in length- but some can be long for the learners so shortening some texts could be good step to take.

  • Mustafa Yazıcı

    Arabic is a must for those who want to improve themselves in the field of Islamic sciences. Miftah is a great series that will make students love the language and encourage them to learn more advanced levels.