Miftahu'l Arabiyye education set consists of 9 books, one of which is an introductory book. The first book is at PreA1 level and includes pre-A1 general information. The following books are at four levels, A1, A2, B1, and B2 in the form of "Speaking & Listening" and "Reading & Writing"

The recommended course hours for the set's preparatory book PreA1 are at least 40 and at most 60 hours. Recommended course hours for other books are at least 80 and at most 100 hours. (One lesson is considered as 45 minutes.) Since there are 9 books in total, the set can be taught in at least 680 course hours and a maximum of 860 hours. Course hours may vary depending on the intensity of the course hours per week, the readiness of the target audience, and age groups. The minimum specified course hours are recommended for intensive education programs, and the maximum specified hours are recommended for diluted training.

Miftahu'l Arabiyye education set was prepared on the basis of four basic skills of the language and the books were divided accordingly. Speaking and listening skills are approached in one book and reading and writing skills are approached in another one. While presenting the skills, the target skill is shown with separate subtopics in the books. Apart from that, grammatical skills are covered in Reading and Writing books. In the education set, fluent Arabic was used. Dialectical expressions are not included in general, some expressions that are very common in conjunction are rarely included Instead of the rarely used fluent expression, the rule of giving dialect word which is widely used was taken as basis.

In sets prepared separately in the form of a course and a workbook, the workbooks contain only the practice topics, so the exercises are ignored by the students. Instead, it was preferred to have the exercises immediately after the topic in the education set. The absence of a workbook in the education set does not mean that there are no exercises at all. On the contrary, the education set is rich on kinds of exercise contents.

The target audience of the set is 15 years and above.

Grammar topics are dealt with practically at A1 and A2 levels in "Reading and Writing" books. In the B1 and B2 levels, more grammar topics are included. In these levels, especially the grammar subjects are chosen without addressing the whole subject and presented in a simple way that students can understand. In the education set, grammar topics are not presented as a whole, the topics are dealt with "applied method", and where there are expressions "piecemeal method" is used.

If Arabic Grammar lessons are taught more than 4 hours a week and a separate teacher enters the course, it is recommended to use a different grammar book apart from the education set. As Akdem Publications, we offer our readers the option of 6 different grammar books. (www.akdemyayinlari.com)

The education set has smart board compatibility. Smart board user information is only given to lecturers / teachers in educational institutions who teaches the book. It will be sufficient to call us on the phone for the demands of the educational institutions that receive the book from different distribution channels. With the software that is compatible with the smart board, the students are given the opportunity to ask questions by providing screen sharing and screen intervention options in online lessons. Answers of exercises are also provided in the smart board application.

You can buy the physical copy of our book as a whole set from the website, as well as you could buy it separately and make it delivered to your address by using the paying at the door option. You can access the digital version of the set as ePUB. You can purchase the ePUB version of the set from www.books.google.com.tr, www.amazon.com.tr, www.dr.com, and www.idefix.com. Please note that your ePUB book can only be downloaded on one device. You can also download your ePUB copy to your mobile phone if you want.

An educational institution, which uses the education set that provides 4 hours of Arabic education a week and 28-week education, will complete the starter book PreA1 in 80 hours. If the lecturer starts with the Speaking and Listening book, one book will be completed in one academic year.

If you have studied Arabic before and are uncertain about which book to start with, you can take the placement test on our website. The exam is a multiple-choice exam and can give you an idea in general. If you would like to have a more detailed assessment test, please contact our Akdem Exam Center. (www.akdemsinavmerkezi.com) ALPE (Arabic Language Proficiency Exam), executed within our center in Turkey and worldwide, measures the four basic language skills.

The biggest advantage of this education set compared to other education sets is that it has a skill-oriented quiz application for each unit. There are separate quizzes for both reading and writing skills at the end of each unit in the Reading and Writing book. In addition, there are separate comprehensive exams for four basic skills at the end of each book. Access to these exams is only provided by the educators of the educational institutions that teach the set, from the encrypted panel.

Audio files can be accessed with the QR codes in the book. In addition, all audio files of each book can be downloaded from the website. The sound files were voiced in the studio by professional sound artists. There are two types of videos in the education set. The first type is videos that are specifically made for the set and are offered via encrypted access to the lecturers of the educational institutions who teach the set. Apart from these videos, there are also source code public videos open in accordance with the learning outcomes of the subject. Links to all kinds of videos are given on the website.

There are yearly and daily plans specially prepared for the education set and are given freely to the lecturers of the educational institutions that teach the set. It is possible to freely edit the lesson plans.

The subjects included in the texts within the education set are very diverse and not only religious-oriented subjects. However, there are also texts rewritten through adaptation over the main texts, and it is aimed to create an educational background for reading modern and classical texts of Arabic literature with these texts.

The most important distinguishing feature of the training set is that serious effort has been made on the smart board software. This aspect of the set makes an important difference when considering the existing sets. In this respect, the set constitutes a very important resource for educational institutions that practice distance education. Moreover, the additional materials of the set are much more than other education sets. PowerPoint presentations prepared for each unit, end of unit quizzes, level final exams, yearly and daily lesson plans, the availability of video and audio files suitable for the learning outcomes in the unit, activity recommendations for teachers, sample tutorial videos, and freely offered to institutions that teach the set consultancy services are the features that highlight the education set.

The additional materials provided with the education set are very important materials and stand out as the distinguishing feature of the set from other education sets.
• Smart Board Application
• Teacher's Book
• PowerPoint Presentations Prepared for Units
• Audio Files
• Placement test
• Sample Course Videos
• End of Unit Quizzes
• Special to Book Exams
• Activity Videos
• Word Lists
• Education Posters
• Flash Cards
Examples of activities are additional materials provided with the education set. Lecturers of the educational institution that teaches the set can access the materials with the username and password given to them by Akdem Publications.

There is a special teacher's book for the education set. The book has been made available freely to the lecturers of educational institutions, who teach the set, on our website. Teachers' books can also be used as lesson plans.